Stag party Krakow

When going on a stag party in Krakow you are surely going to want to organize some stag pranks. There is now way you can have a stag weekends krakow without pranking the stag a couple of times. Whilst there are the original stag pranks like tying him to a lamppost or making him wear a stupid costume, these pranks have got a bit old now as the stag knows what’s coming to him. There are however a number of new stag pranks which will definitely to leave the stag embarrassed during his stag weekend. The beauty and the beast show is a superb stag prank which is a good way to start the stag weekend. The stag gets a erotic strip show to begin before the girl blindfolds him and exchanges with ‘Bertha’, who is a large stripper in her late 50s. Imagine the stag’s  surprise when she takes the blindfold off to reveal herself in all her glory. What makes it better is that he is tied to a pole so he can’t escape. If you want to terrorise the stag then the rabid dog chase is a great prank. He is take to a field and suited up in protective clothing before some trained attack dogs are released at him. This is great because the group can stand a safe distance away and watch. Dwarf hire in Krakow is also another great stag prank which is becoming more popular. The stag gets the pleasure of being tied to a dwarf for two hours, so everywhere he goes, she goes. She can also dress up, for example as a Policewoman. Finally if the stag has a phobia of heights, then you can always order him a parachute jump. What better way to combat a phobia than by tackling it head on?!

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